Content Management Made Easy

Content Management: Do you have a ton of things to add to your existing website but don’t have time to deal with that and the work load you already have? We can help!  Working with your CMS we can add updates, photos, graphics and new pages to any website. All you have to do is send us the content and tell us what you want done with it. Presto! It’s finished!

Site Upgrades

Site Upgrades : Time for an Upgrade? We can help. We migrate your existing website to a brand new look and feel, we  build you a custom theme, headers, logo, comment cards, and any graphics you commission and you don’t loose any information your site already has.

Sometime however you just need new placement, are things not really working for you? Are your customers happy with your current look but leave by the second page? We look your existing site over, determine where your most important information is and where it should be placed so your users are getting exactly what they came to your site for.

It is a very well known fact that with so many websites carrying the same products, users will go to the easiest site and buy from them rather than digging into a site that is cluttered or doesn’t provide quick links.

Custom Graphics and Photo Editing:

Custom Graphics and Photo Editing: Need some photos retouched? Need a new logo or header? Need a whole new look and feel? Do you need magazine quality layouts and Photo enhancements? We do everything from removing wrinkles and putting the glow back into personal head shots, to creating custom graphics &  design. We have worked on magazine covers, commercials, marketing campaigns. We’ve created outstanding business cards and letter heads.

The Center For Mind Body and Spirit

Custom Crafted Website for The Center for Mind Body and Spirit.

The owners of this shop wanted to display and sell their Foot baths, Salts, salt lamps, and food pads online. They wanted a site that was earthy as well as updated but simple. They did not have an ecommerce merchant account so we used forms for customers to fill in and get quotes for products.

They wanted a center panel to rotate and show off all of their products from the main page.  There are a total of 4 rotating “ads” that link to the product page.

All elements, header, graphics were custom designed for the client. Photos of products were provided by CMBS. Product pages were created to display pop up close up views

Villa Decor

Villa Decor

The owner wanted a website to showcase all of their beautiful statuary, fountains, indoor/outdoor furnishings and decorations. There were no graphics or logos provided to us. So we created the theme based on a Tuscan feel/style.  Headers and Logo, typography, elements, background graphics were all custom created specially for Villa Decor.

Site type : Static

Graphics & Elements: Created by Shevon Propst.

Web Design

Weather you are upgrading an existing site  or creating your brand online, we have the solutions for you. With over 14 years of experience in web development, e-commerce, graphic design, photography, graphics creation, video editing, brand placement,  print and social media we have the expertise to put your business out front.

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Social Media:

Bartholomeaux Public Relations Is an upgrade that we did for a wonderful lady, Carole Bartholomeaux. Her site was ready to be updated and she was ready to get her company rolling with social media. She was also concerned that she wasn’t able to update her old site as easily as she would like.

So we designed some new graphics and updated her site to a brand new look and feel.  The site is not only social media enabled it also has the added benefit of regular news updates from her clients and from media sources right there at her users fingertips.